Purpose and History

                              Our Association 

Purpose of the Association
With sincere consideration on common economical issues between Canada and Japan, the association is aim to contribute development of friendly relationship between the two countries. The association is also aimed to enhance mutual exchange between members as well as diffuse of Japanese culture and education in Canada (Bylaw of the association)

Social background of Canada when the association has established.
With the start of the Pacific War, Canada interned Japanese-Canadians after passage of the War Measures Act for ‘national security’ purposes. Japanese-Canadians had many of their rights revoked, including the right to work in any occupation they choose as well as their right to own property.
After the War, Canadian diplomatic representatives returned to Tokyo in 1946. Japan also opened a diplomatic office in Ottawa in 1951 for the preparation of the future resumption of diplomatic relations. Full restoration of Japanese-Canadian relations accompanied the San Francisco Peace Treaty in 1952. The War Measures Act of Canada which has been prohibited doing business activity by Japanese nationals in Canada has been ended at 1949.
It was at Canada’s initiative that Japan was admitted membership to the Colombo Plan conference that convened in Ottawa in 1954, the same year the bilateral Agreement Concerning Commerce was sealed. Canada supported Japan’s inclusion in GATT, and when Japan entered GATT, Canada was one of only nations who supported it as most-favored-nation status.
Japan was nominated by, and had the backing of Canada when it joined the United Nations in 1956.
Japanese government has open JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization) in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal in 1956 for enhancement and promotion of Japan-Canada economic relation.
At this year of 1956, Japanese Business Association of Vancouver (Konwakai) has organized.

History of Japanese Business Association of Vancouver (Konwakai) here-in-after called as Konwakai
1956 The association has established by 10 organizations, were The Japanese Consulate in Vancouver, JETRO Vancouver Office, Mitsubishi Canada Ltd., Mitsui & Co., (Canada) Ltd, Sumitomo Canada Ltd., Marubeni Canada Ltd ( Asano Trading Company), ItoChu Canada Ltd., Mitsui Shipping Co. Ltd., 2 local Japanese-Canadian trading companies. The inauguration ceremony has taken place at the Hotel Vancouver.
1957 At the Banff Springs Hotel in Alberta, by attending with Honorable Japanese Ambassador to Canada and 3 Japanese Consuls (Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal) as well as Konwakai and 2 Japanese business associations at Toronto and Montreal, the first Canada cross country meeting of Japanese economist in Canada has open and hold.
1992 Konwakai has had 127 member companies and organization as well as 277 representatives, which was the most in numbers.
2006 Konwakai has hold 50th anniversary ceremony at the Coast Plaza Hotel with 210 attendees.
Published 50th year  CD-ROM special edition.

Konwakai at 2014 year
Having 1 Honorary Member (Consul General of Japan), 1 Cooperative Member (Principal of Vancouver Japanese School), 49 Ordinary Members (most of them are of subsidiary of Japanese large companies), 7 Special Members (mostly local companies having business relationship with Japan). Konwakai is one of the reading business association in Canada now.