Events and Activities after 2006 Year

2006 was remarkable and special year for Konwakai because of 50th Anniversary as was founded 1956.
The 50th Anniversary ceremony has taken place on May 10, 2006 at Coast Plaza Hotel with 211 attendees including many distinguished guests including 2nd president, aged 92, of the association from Japan.
A commemorative CD has delivered all attendees of the ceremony and Konwakai members, which has edited and created by special committee using more than one year time.

Tossed & Kanpai addressed by Mr.  Taga, Consul General of Japan

Feb -Nov   Member-get-together dinner / 7 times with 107 people totally attended
Feb 16 Explanatory Meeting “Konwakai Plus Insurance”, a special group insurance designed
for Konwakai member companies / 14 people / Speaker – Mr. Morohashi

Mar 31 + Apr 1 Make-My own-PC class / 5 people / T&M system
Apr 12 Special seminar “How to deal wz native people for the investors who are going to
start business at their land in Canada” / 25 people / a lawyers’ office
Apr 27 Health seminar ” Knowing Canadian medical system and OTC pharmacy  in Canada”
   / Dr. Tanaka  (family physician), Ms. Tsubai (BC pharmacist) / 88 people/ co-hosted with the Consulate General of Japan

Aug 19 One day bus tour to Seattle “Cheering Ichiro of Seattle Mariners”/ 15 people/ co-host with CJSBC
Oct 19 Special lecture ” Recognition of Japan in the world, and Contribution to the world by Japan” by Mr. Seiichi Otsuka, Consul General of Japan / 47 people / co-hosted with major Japanese business associations in Vancouver
Nov 22 Plant visit tour ” Canadian Autoparts Toyota wheelbase manufacturing factory”/ 8 people
Dec. 06 Seminar “Legal aspect for a company hosting Xmas party with alcohol servings”/ 22 people /   Cassels & Graydon LLP

March Circulation to members “A health handbook in Canada” published and edited by Konwakai
May 02 Health seminar ” Medical system in BC and its difference from Japan”/ Dr. Asae Tanaka (family physician / 35 people / co-hosted by Consulate General of Japan
May 15 Speaker program / Speaker Mr. Matsuoka of Jetro, Mr. Takahashi of Consulate General of Japan / 28 people / co-hosted with Kiyukai Business Association
Jul 16 Japan Business Network speaker program / co-hosted with Kiyukai Business Association /