AGM / Board of Directors & Officers

     Annual General Meeting (AGM)
is the supreme meeting affected the final intention of the association, which is hold on or nearby the last weekday of October each year.  A extra-ordinary General Meeting may hold whenever it will be necessary. At the AGM the activities’ report of the year is made as well as voting for the financial report of the year, profit / loss budget of the next year,  election of new president, Vice president as well as new directors is made as regular agendas.  A special agenda may bring to the Meeting where it will be arisen. 

     Board of Directors Meeting (BDM)
is hold periodically executing decision(s) made by the General Meeting as well as honest management directed and prescribed in the Bylaws, all which are for accomplishment of purposes of the association together with sense of development of the association.
Those committees as a general affairs, Educational, Event & Activities and Exchange  with External Society are organized with director(s) and are appointed by the president, which is for actual execution for matters and things what were consented and admitted by the BDM.. BDM is made initial drafting on important agendas to AGM, including revision of bylaws, yearly budget, audit of the year etc as well as judgment on application for member by applicant.

Member of the Board of Directors’ Meeting, Officers & Committee members
Honorary Director / Consul General of Japan at Vancouver
”                                 Consul for Economic Affairs of Consulate General of Japan
Director                    President (officer, Chair of General Affairs Committee)
“                                 Vice President (  ” ,   Vice Chair of      ”    )
“                                 Chair of Educational Committee
“                                 Vice Chair of                ”
“                                 Chair of Event and Activities Committee
“                                 Vice Chair of               ”
“                                 Exchange with External Society (Committee)
“                                 Other 5 directors who are of no-committee attending
Auditor                      Auditor
Secretariat              Secretary and treasurer (officer)