Committees, Member activities & events


Committee of General Affairs of the association
Administrative matter of the association ( AGM, Director Meeting, Member, Member List, Liability insurance etc.)
Accounting, matter of the association (Bank, GST report, Yearly budget, Purchasing, Membership fee etc.)
Development of Konwakai home page as well as its maintenance, updating and creations.
Committee support  including circulation of event information to members.
Organizing meetings with local authority and association focusing Japan / Canada trading issues.

Committee for Vancouver Japanese School
Management of the school (not-for-profit organization)
Aiming of this school is giving students, who may enter Japanese school in Japan when parents going back the country, enough
education fit to Japanese school curricular.  A part of basic expenses of this school has been supported by both Japanese government
and Konwakai.
For more detailed information, visit the website of the school (Japanese only)

Committee for Member Activities and Events
Hosting various seminars, speakers’ programs, classes all which are designed and created for members’ benefit and interest.
Hosting sports event including annual golf tournament (May to October)
Hosing Christmas party (December)
Hosting members’ lunch / dinner for promotion of member/member friendship

Sub-Committee for Exchange with External Association and Local Community
At 2008 year by readership of Konwakai with cooperation of Consulate General of Japan, Vancouver Alliance of Japanese Business Associations has organized. Associated organizations are Konwakai, Canada-Japan Society of BC, Kiyukai Business Association, Canada-Japan Chamber of Commerce, Vancouver Women’s Business Association and Mokuyokai Society.
The Alliance has hosted Japan Fair in 2009, 2011 and 2012 with audiences 5000 – 15000 people which were with great success in order to make people know exist and power of Japan through performing and showing  Japanese culture.
The Fair has independent ed from the Alliance in 2013, and the Fair has conducted by the Fair’s Self – Committee independent as host body.
Konwakai is keen to participate with co-host for events  which are planned and managed by external associations and societies.